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Vertigo Mix by Smutek

By joe kopasek - Posted on 05 October 2009

This is a mix by my homey Smutek who is an awesome fellow in every way and a TOTAL techno snob. Where and how he got the idea to make a 1/2 hour drum and bass mix I will never know, but he did!!!
I love this guy!

My boy Smutek REALLY needs to jump on the decks and give us more mixes!!!
He made this sweet lil mix In tribute and loving memory to Josh Smith, aka Dj Vertigo.
Track Listing:

  1. The Awakening - Original Mix : Hive & Gridlok
  2. Witch Hunt - Ctrl-S Remix : Gridlok, Controlled Substance
  3. Hollywood feat. Elhornet Of Pendulum - Original Mix : Gridlok
  4. Prophecy - Original Mix : Rusher
  5. Exaline - Original Mix : Nine Elms
  6. Dark And Blue - Original Mix : Maztek
  7. Claws - Original Mix : Dizplay