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4/15 - Evolution - Baltimore, MD

By joe kopasek - Posted on 10 April 2011

Have you ever noticed the typical conversation between people who go to clubs..." I spin Vinyl like a true dj", or "Cd's make it easier to crate my music" or the best one "i'm old now and using a laptop I can carry my who collection" All of these are great and I know Throughout my career I have used at least one of these a couple of times ;-> 

This show is the complete opposite of that theory. We plan to celebrate the EVOLUTION of the Disc Jockey. No matter how you deliver your music should not matter. How you play and arrange it does. 




Chris Bulla

A true legend of the underground rave scene. Emerging as a must-hear DJ in the early 90's, Chris Bulla has continuously evolved with the times as electronic music has morphed over and over again through the years. Some may not see the boundaries between genres, but Bulla knows every sound, sample, loop, and origin of any beat you hear. A natural born gift and something he has strived to stay on top of as the former owner of Baltimore's longest running record store, Modern Music, a brand he traveled cross country and established in San Francisco more than a decade after his career began. Now, back in his home town, you better bust out your best pair of Adidas and be prepared to sweat because with Chris on the decks, your about to get put in check.
Joe Kopasek

As one of the mid-Atlantic’s leading break beat Deejay’s, Joe Kopasek never fails to turn heads with a music selection unlike any other. Driven by a passion to find the latest and greatest sounds the world has to offer, Joe will go to great lengths to bring what he finds pleasing to his ears…to yours. Be it acid, funky, new school, or progressive, one thing is for sure…it will move your feet. 

LaTiGiD started out in the mid 90′s, spinning progressive house and breaks. He bought his first drum machine, the Roland TB 303 and several other synths, and began writing his own form of progressive house and trance electronic music. In 1999, he bought the MPC 2000 XL, and immersed himself in a new world of musical experiments. With the MPC and his ever expanding interest in tribal instruments, he created a form of electro tribal music that garnered notice from groups like Rabbit in the Moon, and DJ Monk. Mike Addis (LatiGiD) started djing again in 2004, following the inspiration of a long time DJ and friend. But this time, it was different…

LaTiGiD would start djing a form of electro-house mixed with progressive basses and house kicks. He has since played with many huge name acts such as deadmau5 , Chromeo, The Crystal Method, Rabbit in the moon, and LTJ Bukem to name a few.

Addis started performing live again in early 2010, performing his own tracks in front of packed dance floors in many different states in the US. He is currently working with a live performance act and performing live productions with dance choreography and visual performances.

Whether djing or performing live, you are never disappointed at a LaTiGiD show. Rumbling bass and huge kicks; the mystery of LaTiGiD is What will he do next?
Chris Rockbourne

Chris Rockbourne found electronic music in the mid 90s when one of his high school friends placed a “Time to Get Ill” mix tape in his car stereo. In a matter of weeks he accumulated a sizeable collection of mixtapes by local and nationally recognized DJ talent. As the progression of any EDM enthusiast goes, he bought his first record in 1998.

Fast forward to October of that year, Rockbourne was taken to “Fever,” a party at the Paradox Nightclub, hosted by nationally recognized DJ Charles Feelgood. The combination of music and energy ignited a passion in Rockbourne that night. He knew he had love for house music and Charles would become the number one influence in shaping his record selection and mixing style.

Over the next decade, Rockbourne hosted UMBC’s campus radio show “Audible,” maintained a DJ residency at Shorty’s, opened for Feelgood at “Fever,” and played alongside such artists as Super DJ Dmitri (of Dee-Lite), Scott Henry, Frankie Bones, The Evil Nine, Jackal & Hyde, Doc Martin, and The Crystal Method. He’s played at clubs including the Martian Martini Bar, The Black Hole, Sonar, Redwood Trust, Privado and the Paradox.

Rockbourne continues to push his track selection to include the most current funky, disco, and electro house hits from the US and abroad. With his prized collection of vinyl and thousands more mp3s, Rockbourne is sure to create an auido experience like none other and light up the dancefloor.


Fri, 2011-04-15 21:00 - Sat, 2011-04-16 02:00