You are here"SUNSET" A ***FREE*** Tribute in loving memory of THE DJ SUN

"SUNSET" A ***FREE*** Tribute in loving memory of THE DJ SUN

By joe kopasek - Posted on 29 September 2012

To those that do not know, DJ Sun, who was a pioneer of the east rave scene in the mid-atlantic passed away suddenly early Saturday, September 15th. 

Jason Belote AKA The DJ Sun was an original founding partner of the Ultraworld raves in the early 90's following in the footsteps of other early pioneers Scott Henry, Feelgood, and Catastrophic parties in DC. He, alongside Lonnie Fisher, brought an entirely new world and way of life to Baltimore that still exists today, but in a much larger capacity. If it had not been for their innovative spirit and desire to have a good time along with amazing talent, who knows what the Baltimore music would look like today. 

Over the past 20 years DJ Sun touched the hearts of so many people and left behind a legacy that will be remembered for decades to come. 

To honor the man who followed his heart to the very end, there will be a Tribute to him next Friday, October 5th, at the Graffiti Warehouse in downtown Baltimore. 

There will be absoutely NO COVER so come as you are and kick it with some of Baltimroe's very best DJ's. Though the music selection will be top notch all night, the main reason to come is simply to celebrate the life of DJ Sun and have a kick ass time. 


and now for the details...

Shakedown St. Promo in cahoots with WonderUs™ Productions Presents : 

........................................* SUNSET *......................................

*~*~*~A tribute to the Life and Legacy of THE DJ SUN!~*~*~*

On Saturday October 3, 1992 The DJ Sun placed a diamond stylus on a phonograph record at a vacant warehouse. As the warm hum of vinyl crackled from the most enormous speaker array any of us had ever seen, Rave culture was born in the City of Baltimore and all of those in attendance's lives were fundamentally changed forever. Join us 20 years and 2 days later as we celebrate the life, music, & friendship of Jason "The DJ Sun" Belote.

A predominately 'Old School' Lineup along with a select few of Baltimore's own up and coming local talents We are bridging the gap between the old school originators and the new school innovators... this will not be an event to miss!!!!!!!!

The Originators

Russ Clark [{Active Ingredients / WonderUs™ Productions}]

Chilly Willie 


Jason "PrimeTime" Merchant

Infinity Featuring MC Legacy

Neil Kurland

Joe Kopasek

Chris Bulla

The Innovators

Premiering :
VILYN (The artist formerly known as 'Sicks')

Featuring :
BASSDREAD's Bass Alchemist 'Zeus'

And Introducing...
SIREALISM (Next Generation, Direct bloodline of The DJ Sun)
...stay tuned, more TBA


Fri, 2012-10-05 21:00 - Sat, 2012-10-06 05:00