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As one of the mid-Atlantic’s leading break beat Deejay’s, Joe Kopasek never fails to turn heads with a music selection unlike any other. Driven by a passion to find the latest and greatest sounds the world has to offer, Joe will go to great lengths to bring what he finds pleasing to his ears…to yours. Be it acid, funky, new school, or progressive, one thing is for sure…it will move your feet.

Beginning in the mid 90’s with a set of 1200’s and a Gemini mixer, Joe soon became a staple at the Full Moon Gatherings. In time he was a resident deejay for Family Productions, who were hosting some of the East Coast’s biggest dance music events. As things picked up steam, Joe formed his own crew just before the new millennium, called “Kidz That Groove.”

Soon, he was traveling across the nation from his hometown in Baltimore, MD to California and into Canada, spreading the funky sound everyone has come to expect. Corporations even picked up on Joe’s reputation as a beat master. In 2003 he kicked off his first tour with Wrigley’s Winterfresh gum. A few years later and after thousands of heads are turned, he rolled out 2006 with entry into one of the nation’s original and leading production teams and families, Buzzlife. Joe is proud to travel the globe, while still delivering on the one’s and two’s in his hometown spreading the break beats we all love.

Now nestled within the bee’s nest in the heart of Washington, DC, time can only tell what is to come from an east coast native as strong, innovative, and freethinking as Joe Kopasek. 2007 shows great promise and we can only wait to see what tricks Joe has up his sleeve. One thing is for sure, with all the emotion bottled up inside this deejay, it’s gonna be big!