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Bells and Whistles by Joe Kopasek

Mixed in Spring 2003

79:51 minutes (36.58 MB)

Everyday Life by Joe Kopasek

Here is an older mix from 2003 that I have received many requests for lately. Here it finally is! ENJOY!

76:03 minutes (105.32 MB)

Method to The Madness! by Joe Kopasek

 The Winter Music Conference mix for 2008

79:49 minutes (109.66 MB)

We Did! by Joe Kopasek

 This is a mix I created for my Bride on our wedding day, November 1st, 2008 in Key West, FL. ENJOY!

79:58 minutes (111.05 MB)

Delicate By Design by Joe Kopasek

 This is the Winter Music Conference Mix for 2007. ENJOY

75:29 minutes (105.11 MB)

Ring Of Fire by Joe Kopasek

 This is the Winter Music Conference Mix For 2006. ENJOY

1:17:14 minutes (106.82 MB)

Starlite... by Joe Kopasek

Starlite, Starbrite is a 160 minute continuous mix over 2 CD's celebrating 10 years of spinning breaks. It was also the holiday season mix for 2005/2006. ENJOY!

78:54 minutes (108.66 MB)

...Starbrite by Joe Kopasek

...Starbrite is the triumphant conclusion to an intense battle with great loss and pain. In the end, it was conquered by something new. Unbelievable, undeniable, pure, true love.

75:40 minutes (104.3 MB)

And The Music Plays by Joe Kopasek

 This is the Holiday Season mix for 2006/2007. ENJOY!

78:51 minutes (108.67 MB)

Drug Of Choice by Joe Kopasek

The Winter Music Conference Mix for 2005. ENJOY!

If anyone can help me with the track listing to my mix, PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!! 


76:25 minutes (105.61 MB)

Stabilize by Joe Kopasek

This mix is dedicated to my mother who passed away on March 16th, 2004.


July 25th, 1940 - March 16th, 2004

79:34 minutes (109.87 MB)

The Witching Hour by Joe Kopasek

 The Halloween Mix for 2006 that is loaded with old school anthems! ENJOY!

76:20 minutes (105.49 MB)

Appetizer by Joe Kopasek

This is the very first mix I created that went on Compact Disk rather than Cassette Tape. The mix itself was designed for Modern Music's website. The goal was to promote the breaks records at the store, but for some reason it never made it up there! As many know, and the rest of you will find out soon enough, a better mix came along that DID make it to the site. 

36:21 minutes (83.4 MB)

Excavate by Joe Kopasek

The Fall Mix dedicated to my friend Richard McLaughlin. R.I.P.

Please feel free to download or stream. You must complete a brief and private registration to get your own.

Be sure to leave your comments as well!


79:37 minutes (109.34 MB)

Modern Breaks by Joe Kopasek

"Modern Music for Modern Times"

Mixed by Joe Kopasek in October of 2003, Modern Breaks was created to promote Baltimore's favorite dance vinyl store, Modern Music. One of B-more's finest DJ's, Chris Bulla, just took over ownership, and an entire mix series was conceptualized. Unfortunately, the only one that saw the light of day was the one you are about to download/listen...

76:54 minutes (105.74 MB)

NUMB3R5 SAMPL35 by Joe Kopasek

Upcoming Shows:

08/18 - Transit - Bridges, VA
08/25 - Humptronic - Black Hole, MD
09/25 - Ground Zero - Baltimore, MD 
10/01 - Art Walk - Richmond, VA
10/31 - MASKARAVE - Baltimore, MD

more dates to be announced soon!

8:04 minutes (7.42 MB)

NUMB3R5 by Joe Kopasek

At long last, the mix from last summer is available for download which can mean only one thing...a new mix is on the horizon! Stay tunes, but for now, download and enjoy NUMB3R5!!!

79:56 minutes (110.94 MB)

Returning Current by Joe KopasekReturning Current - Spring 2012

Here it is. The long awaited follow-up to NUMB3R5, Returning Current is now available for download. The mix here is only a 192 MP3. If you would like the higher resolution 320 version, please vistit me here: I know this makes no sense. Just roll with it. 

78:00 minutes (108.2 MB)