You are hereNUMB3R5 SAMPL35 by Joe Kopasek

NUMB3R5 SAMPL35 by Joe Kopasek

By joe kopasek - Posted on 09 August 2010

Upcoming Shows:

08/18 - Transit - Bridges, VA
08/25 - Humptronic - Black Hole, MD
09/25 - Ground Zero - Baltimore, MD 
10/01 - Art Walk - Richmond, VA
10/31 - MASKARAVE - Baltimore, MD

more dates to be announced soon!


Where can I DL the full cd? Someone swiped it from my car and now I feel like a dope because I didn't save it to my itunes :( Now I'm going through withdrawls!

PS. I brag about you all the time as being the best DJ ever! And it shows because I have more of your mixes in my car than anyone else's! LOL But someone I know has sticky fingers.

Miss you!

woah! thanks for pointing that out! I need to upload the full mix here! check back in a few days. you rock! miss you too :-)